Monday, August 28, 2006

The Pond is looking for a 2nd Assistant

The Pond has an opening for a full-time position of second assistant. The Pond is a commercial photography studio specializing in portraiture.

The position of second assistant requires knowledge of digital cameras, Photoshop and studio lighting equipment. The main duties of the second assistant will be to handle digital workflow and assist the first assistant in setup and take down of sets.

Knowledge of computer operating systems and networking is an advantage.

The Pond is only looking for Singaporean candidates.

Interested parties can send a resume to .


töes said...

I know someone who's very keen in this position! The same guy who dabbled in the backdrop with me at The Pond some five years back. Betts knows him too. =)

jaizki said...

I guess spanish itinerant proto-assistants cannot apply, right?

Heng said...

Sorry Jaizki. I need a Singaporean for this position. You can come back and intern for me for free!! :)