Monday, August 07, 2006

Infrared Nudes Pt II

The infrared photos were taken as an impromptu test of my infrared camera after a more gritty nude shoot. Unfortunately I am unable to post those images up because there is frontal nudity. I take nudes because I like the physical body. Yes I do find the body sensual, but it is not about sex. In this particular shoot, the model approached me, not the other way around. I find the issues with taken nudes in this country a bit hard to grapple with. I know that there are people out there who would like to be shot nude but will not do it because it will be an issue for the safety of their jobs. I just wish that we were a little bit more discerning in whether images are a celebration of what we are, or are they pornographic titillation.

We do live in the digital era, where pornography is easily accessible. I would like to think that educating people to be more discerning would be a better approach than banning art nudes. In my mind, you cannot deny the fact that people have sex, those babies are not brought in by the crane. It is not a question of sex happening. It is a question of responsible sexual activity and people treating each other well. After all, I think that all those advertisements for jeans, clothes and even food is much more provocative, and in full view of main street Orchard Road.

As an international city, perhaps we could also have a more sophisticated world view.

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pfong said...

Yes, the commercial work can be quite provocative. David LaChapelle's work for example: