Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back to Panoramics

I have been trying different formats while travelling. I have been trying to use digital cameras because they are easier to archive and make money from by selling as stock. But somehow that X-pan film format speaks to me. I think that I will return the x-pan for my travel photography. I cannot get a similar result from the digital cameras. And from the people who have seen my work, I think that the x-pan images are much more outstanding than the digital images.


Chee Sern said...

cant wait!
where u intend to go next for travel photography?

Heng said...

I actually don't know where my next trip is to. I just know that the X-pan will be part of the trip. I have travelled too much recently and it is time to do some work.

Mr Sanguine said...

I'm a big Xpan fan too, mine resides almost permanently in my camera bag.