Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Josh Kurpius

Josh Kurpius

Blood of a thousand was just a fun side project. My idea was to shoot something that looks more like lifestyle but has an incogrous element in it. But the response from a world of people who are so used to blood, shock and gore, is that I should go way way more out.
Pei Yee and Yue Min want to lend me their collection of shock movies and Shin sent me this link.

I am actually such a nice sweet guy, but I will expose my mind to blood and gore for my art. I think I am going to push it on the next few shoots for Blood of a thousand. I am already crazy, just hope I don't become crazy dangereus. :)

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Paul said...

I think you need to find a way to mix your sweetness with the blood of a thousand. Share a piece of yourself that no one has seen, but you have felt. See how deep you can travel with yourself into the images. Skip looking to the outside and look to the inside.