Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bevlyn Khoo portfolio shoot

I just shot Bevlyn Khoo for her portfolio last week. She is a singer trying to break into the music scene overseas. I hope that she makes it and comes back to hire me for an album cover shoot.


josethai said...

Hi from Thailand ! I can see that your creativity batteries are fully charged ! The infrared nudes are gorgeus. The skin tones and the eyes have some kind of "aqua" feeling, it makes me feel she just came out from the deep ocean ....
And I love the last B&W shoot of Bevlyn Khoo. She looks relaxed and radiant.
Thanks !

Rahul said...


The IR nudes are really fascinating: they give this incredibly dreamy look to the eyes. I have never shot IR, and it seems to have a real interesting effect on people's faces. Good work.

Heng said...

Thanks guys. After coming back from Chicago, there has been work but not so much.

I have been trying my best to bring my photography and vision to the next level as I wait.