Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Memories Of a Life lived

I went to watch Bella Figura by the Nederlands Dance Theatre at the Esplanade. The Nederlands Dance Theatre is always superb and this performance was no exception. But the sad truth is that sometimes one is over-exposed and things lack the edge of something experienced for the first time. Bella Figura by Jiri Kylian and Safe as Houses by Paul Lightfoor and Sol Leon were solid well-crafted dance pieces that left my slightly underwhelmed.

The last piece by Johan Inger, Walking Mad was the eye-opener. Until the performance, I had never heard of Inger before. In the program it said,

Swedish choreographer Johan Inger overwhelmed the press and public alike with Waling Mad. In this 'madcap comedy', he found the perfect balance between pure dance and theatrical effects. Nine dancers parade around a moveable wooden fence which is capable of expanding, collapsing and falling to the ground. In their often clumsy-seeming movements, Inger's trademark, they show a disarming spontaneity and vulnerability.

This was a surrealist piece of choreography. The costume was a bowler hat and coat reminescent of the paintings by Marguritte. The fence was really multi-purpose. The music was Ravel's Bolero and a piece by Arvo Part. Music I knew and loved. Dancers that I had admired ever since I first saw them, on a stage in Singapore. And yet so so fresh and new.

It is wonderful to see something rooted in some well loved idioms, mixed up again to a mind-dizzying experience.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me more about Dance Theater!

It's one of those art forms I'm not yet acquainted.

Like with most other art forms, it looks simple and utterly incomprehensible, but yet in actuality extremely difficult to attempt and sophisticated in meaning and depth.

I guess some education is necessary for me.


Heng said...

Honestly Dan, I cannot explain it in words. You will just have to invest in a ticket and watch it yourself.

I cannot explain love to those who have not fallen in love. Or seeing to technical photographers. Personally, after 3 months in Chicago, I have no comprehension of American football or basketball.

Anonymous said...

That's a shame...

I understand your difficulty...

But man, I sorta miss going to the football games... I really find the atmosphere special. The only problem I have is that they are sooooo loooong. Makes football (soccer) seem like 15mins!