Monday, June 05, 2006

Always coming home

My last night in London, a day before I return from a three and a half month trip. Singapore is my home, but this flat in London was where I was reborn. London is where I learnt to be independent, where I broke away from my social programming of being an engineer and spent a year in dance school. This flat was my sanctuary. It also provided me shelter on my way to Chicago and on my way home.


Anonymous said...

Just on the side of art...

Has your experience in dance school allowed you to practice/think differently from other photographers? If so, how?

It's interesting to think how dance could influence photographic style.


Heng said...

Learning dance is a complete interface with an artform. My body started to awake and I felt more alive than I ever have at the end of dance school.

I carry that incredible experience of being alive with me. It does not happen so much with photography, but there are moments when I am only concious of the act of photography, and then I am alive again.

ShutterBug said...

Welcome Home to Singapore Heng!

Jeff L. said...

it's only because u allowed others to input the program into ur mind on the platform of education

forget all that u learnt and see through the eye in ur heart. ur heart has more than the outside world has to offer

photography is like a pheonix waiting to be reborn. at the end of its life, the pheonix burst into flames and in its ashes lies a new lease of life