Thursday, June 22, 2006

That storage issue

CD-Roms last two years

I have not really wanted to burn CD-ROMS basically because I am lazy. I want to back up to multiple copies of hard drives. That is, I have decided to back up my files onto 3 copies of hard drives. This article though gives me a little wish to start burning CDs. I have already had instances when some of my past work has been hard to read of CDs. I have to move that work to hard drives, the sooner the better.

I know that hard drives are mechanical and are prone to failure too. But with the amount of stuff I have as a professional photographer, I prefer to back up to drives instead of paying someone money to spend weeks feeding discs to a computer. With 3 copies and a regular hard drive checking schedule, I should be able to maintain my archive.


pfong said...

Keep on of those drives at a different location!

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep one copy off site in case the studio is burgled, burnt down or struck by lighting.

Mike said...

woah - imagine that a CD handed to a photography buyer dies. they made no additional copies and they need to retrieve the pics urgently. luckily the photog still has his copy.

once i heard an editor lament to me that she lost the CD, and the photog lost his work with a hard disk crash. result: reshoot.

besides the offsite suggestion, i suppose a very heavy everything-proof safe might do as well.

Anonymous said...

Get an online server for storage. It will be there everytime and anywhere.

Sunand Razu said...

Option A) Get a storgage server with a raid 5 configuration. That way if 1 hhd fails the back up disk can be used to reconstitue the loss of data on one of the hhd. Raid 5 wld reqire 4hhd. 1 back up and 3 main hhd
Option B) Network all the pcs in your office. Use your main pc to store all the data. There are 500gig hhd in the market. They use SATA 2 config and you might need to upgrade your mother board to use it.
Option 3) Store photos in a designated folder. Using nero and a dvd writer (U can get one for $50) you can back up the designated folder. One DVD can store about 4 Gigs of photos.