Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tools of the Digital Warrior

In this digital age, there are a lot of nifty tools and services that you can use. Here are a few things that I found useful while staying for 3 months in Chicago.

Of course there is Blogger on which this blog is written. I am considering the paid blog service typepad because I can index my entries there. But it costs money so I am thinking about it.

When I was in Chicago, I was unable to use the Singnet smtp server and could not send email out from Outlook. I was not interested in using the web based email for 3 months and used This allowed me to send emails from Outlook.

I used MSN Messenger quite a bit to talk to friends all over the world.

For International time and local weather news, I used Yahoo widgets.

I was able to sample a lot of new music with Yahoo Music Videos.

When there was music I really loved, I went to singnet soundbuzz to purchase it. Unfortunately, the selection on singnet soundbuzz is limited.

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kiampa said...

don't know if you regularly check this out, but jmcolberg often gives some interesting links to all sorts of photography...conceptual or otherwise.