Saturday, June 03, 2006

London Portraits

My brother Leng, in his Earl's Court apartment.

Richard Catherwood. Big issue seller and a searcher of the meaning of life. We always have a good conversation about life when we meet. I always wonder if I will see him again each time I return to London.

Waitress from Hokkaido. Funny, I did not ask her name though.


Anonymous said...


Do you mind me asking if you happen to know if Richard is from Belfast? I'm curious as I think I knew him when he was much younger - used to be a pretty good musician and songwriter if it's the same person. I was very fond of him - nice man.



Sorry - I don't have a google account, but this is me in real life - I don't want to post a totally anonymous comment!

Heng said...

Hi Karen,

I am afraid that I cannot tell you if Richard is from Belfast. Maybe he has told me but I am afraid I cannot remember. I do know that hs is from Ireland.

If you ever drop by London, Richard sells The Big Issue at Whiteley's in Bayswater.