Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vivan Hsu - Ta Ta

Wan Sheng bought me Vivian Hsu CDs a year ago when he went to Taiwan. He just gave them to me yesterday. Better late than never. This song was on the first disc and it is very sweet.


eadwine said...

hahaha WS failed to mention eadwine shared this late birthday present to u too. =)

wansheng said...

no no... i said "WE". maybe the messenger gets more credit:P

i hope u like it. we were choosing btw a blow up doll and the cd:D

Heng said...

Hi Eadwine. Thanks. :)

This is good. I don't want a blow up doll. I like the real thing.

ShutterBug said...

whey.... aren't you guys forgetting me as well?

yeah.. Vivian Hsu..... :D

Heng said...

Ha. Sorry Ron. Sorry Eadwine. Thank you.

Wan Sheng did say we. It kinda of registered, but what struck my muddled brain was I forgot to give it to you. Hahaha.

Thanks guys. Next time, forget the CD, bring back Vivian k?