Sunday, July 13, 2008

London 2008

I'm back in London. On the day I left for London, Friday, I received 10 copies of the new version of my book Dance me Through The Dark. Yes, its finally done but delivery will happen in the next couple of weeks while I am in Europe. So I brought a few copies over but unfortunately because of the weight and space, Ella and Zul had to stay back. I could not fit so much into my bags.

Just by chance, Alex who now dances in Nottingham, is working in Selfridges because her company is on a break. I took the opportunity to pass her a copy of the book and get her to sign a copy for me. I am going to do my best to get all the dancers in the book to sign this one copy. But with so many people in different countries, it may proof slightly difficult.

Shop Front, Westbourne Grove

Shop front, Portobello Road

Samuel Beckett Graffiti, Portobello Road

Portobello Road

Portobello Road

High Street Kensington Underground station

Having a cappuccino at Cafe Nero, High Street Kensington

Cranes, Oxford Street

Gloucester Terrace

Something about London that is comforting. A place that I know well and that I enjoy. Walking around Portobello Road and Soho, I am enthralled by 'life'. So many interesting people and ideas. I'm not really a street photographer, but I am inspired to just capture little things that catch my eye.

I found the book 'The Ninth Floor' by Jessica Dimmock. I first saw this work on Media Storm and also posted it on this blog before. It is such an engaging, urgent piece of work. It also makes me wonder how frail we are as humans, how we can so easily be addicted to things that make us senseless to living. I guess living is painful and we all find ways to deal with it. I think Jessica's work is so courageous on several different levels. I'm really inspired to keep exploring the existential question in my own work.


Anonymous said...

every year we get to see pics of london...
have a good break

Heng said...

Dude, London is like my second home. It really is great to be here. I hope you like the pics. :)

RoFon said...

Hey, does this mean your book is available already?
enjoy your stay in London. SIYA!

Heng said...

Hi Jaizki,

I should have delivery of the books by the time I return to Singapore in August.

I will post an order form on the Dance Me Through The Dark website.

I am enjoying myself.