Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A quote by Carol McCusker

'Instead of perpetuating today's climate where the main photo trends are choked with irony or superficial references to pop culture, photography should better the world, not hinder it. I want to affirm what is inherently valuable in life. I am sticking my neck out here asking that photography be 'life affirming,' opening myself to accusation of being old-fashioned or close minded. But for me, photography (as with all art making) has a moral dimension. It is not a trivial act, and comes with responsibility. It is nothing less than a privilege to make art, and responsibility goes with privilege.'

From an article 'Depth Charge' originally printed in Communication Arts. Unfortunately the full text is no longer found online. But it is an inspiring article, urging us photographers to shoot with ideology and social consciousness.

Thank you to a reader of this blog for forwarding me the quote.

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