Friday, July 18, 2008

Marrakech mood

Well. Marrakech is certainly an engaging city. Full of history. And although I have been to other Ismalic places in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, the art work here is different. Definitely part of its African history. There are some very nice and warm people here. But there are also very pushy salesman and beggars on the street. It is luxurious for a tourist like me, but the price is high, comparable to London! The thing is, although some of the things are worth it because I m on a holiday, there are some things that simply are a scam. But I think it was definitely worth the trip here. Maybe the next time I come to Morocco, I should head to Fez instead. I hear it is less touristy.


Anonymous said...

heya. this set of images is different from the last one. it's a whole lot freerer. w

Heng said...

Yeah. It takes a while for me to get into the mood. Tuscany next. I hope that I keep freeing up. :)