Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marrekech - Parting shots

Well, my short journey to exotic Marrakech has ended. It is unusual for me to pampered like I was in Riad Blanc. This is a high end guest house run by the Angsana group from Singapore. Very nice, but pricey. It was fun though to visit Greg Burns and Angie on one of Greg's residencies. So cool.

I think that I only scratched the surface of this bustling city. But I can see from the people on the streets the possibility of many interesting stories in this country and from Africa. I guess that I had fun playing the tourist in search of a sensual feast. But it helped my soul too. It brought me away from the practical reality of working life. It helped me mend a hurt. Marrakech reminded me once again how large this world is and how little I know of it. All I could see was the outer evidence of a people who live in a harsh desert environment and whose faith is Islam. And once again, like when I visited Tibet or even Tuscany, it is hard to comprehend the lives, hopes and dreams of other people.

I guess there are as many realities on this earth as there are people. I will need to keep learning till the day I die.


ShutterBug said...

beautiful shots Heng :)

Really love the feel in all the shots. But I see u are shooting frm a distance and not your usual close proximity people photography :)

Heng said...

No. Not portraits for the moment. Just capturing an emotional state. :) I am using a 50mm lens and a 85mm tilt shift.