Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wanderings - Month of Photography 2007

The Month of Photography kicked off tonight at The City Hall (The old courts next to the Padang). There are three exhibitions going on there. One is Out of Focus, which is presenting two Singaporean photographers, Sha Ying and Matthew Yeo. Another is Objectif Paris, a exhibition of Paris photographs by many famous photographers. The highlight of the shows is a Martin Parr retrospective, which not only shows some of his well known colour observations of life, but also his earlier, less well know black and white photography.

There is also an exhibition at the Alliance Francaise, Errance by Raymond Depardon. I have not seen it yet but I will go before I leave for my Europe trip.

The quality of the photography in Month of Photography is very good. It is worth a visit to see all the work I think. Right now I just want to publicize the event. I will write more on it once I have returned to the exhibitions and gone through it again and thought about it.

There are also talks and a portfolio review. You can see the full range of activity at

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I'm thinking of going down on Sat morning at 11.00 am. Should be fun to compare notes.