Sunday, July 29, 2007

The First Week in Tuscany - Philippe Pache

Self-portait. I am happy. :)

Philippe Pache

I have not had internet access all of this week. To be honset, I was just having so much fun on course that it did not seem to matter. The weather in Tuscany is a hot summer right now. The days are long and the sun is beautiful in the evening. Great for photography. The course is being held in a monastery this year called St. Anna in Camperena. It is a really cool place to hold the course. Lots of rooms and space for lectures. Philippe's group which I was in was held in a barn. The food is pretty good. Much more vegetables than I am used to but rather healthy. Strange though the meat and ham is very fatty. Such a contrast in food.

This is probably one of the best courses for me. I guess it is also the right time for me. I have pursuing technical execellence for so long now. I am finally confident of my photographic ability, but I found that my personal reason to shoot had kind of been way laid. On this course, I was in a happy place and I enjoyed the course. I was shooting beautiful women in the Tuscan countryside and I felt at peace. It was not a male thing at all, just an appreciation of the beauty of things.

I was not that familiar with Philippe's work before the workshop. And while obeserving him shooting, I realised that I have to keep myself open and exploring. It always is so hard when you have to earn a living as a photographer. The commercial work jarrs with the personal side. But all I know is that this work that I did this week made me feel very whole, complete.

It may be another week till the next post. Ciao.


ead said...


my question now is, how in the world did u do that.
AWESOME!!! teach teach!!!!

tHe mAd ShoE ShOPper said...

nice pics etcetc.

but my focus is on the naked babes in the prairies!! this is going to keep me awake for awhile... no wonder u won't let me anywhere near Tuscany! Sigh...

ShutterBug said...


Those collages are awesome man... really beautiful!!!

Are you gonna print those? I wanna buy them!

Charles Sng said...

Good to see that you are enjoying yourselves and so happy there with all the fulfillments! :)