Sunday, July 08, 2007

Links updated

I have just updated the links on my blog. It has been a while, I know. =)


RoFon said...

hi Ngiap Heng,

How's life? For what I read in your blog it looks like you are having a good time and creating some good photography.
I have to say that I enjoy your blog very much. Ever since I left singapore I kept on reading your blog and I still do, I find it very interesting and even if I don't always agree I like reading things that somebodyelse honestly believes, it gives me perspective. thanks for that.
My photography career is developing very slowly, too slowly maybe, but I still have energy to pursue my dreams so I will carry on.
Recently I visited an exhibition by a photographer called Isabel Muñoz and I thought you might find her interesting. Not that your styles are similar, but she also loves dance and the human body. I though you would appreciate checking a different point of view. Her website is easy to find, and then try looking for her dance series and stuff. Hope you enjoy it.
Looking forward to going back to Singapore and pay you a visit. Good luck,


P.D. So long I don't hear about Betty, did she set up her own studio? Do you know her website/blog?

Heng said...

Ola Jaizki. Life is as good as it can be for me. I still have a lot ot learn and a long road ahead of me. But life is a journey, I will enjoy the ride.

A point of view is so important to a creative Jaizki. I am not surprised that you disagree with some of my view points. Life would be boring it we all had the same point of view. :)

Thanks for pointing me to Isabel Munoz. I will look her up.

Betty is apparently doing her web site now. I will let you know when it is up.

Best wishes, Heng