Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Judy and Hiro - Formal Portraits

I was hired by Heaven's Gift to take formal portraits at the wedding of Judy and Hiromasa. I have not been to a wedding for a shoot in over two years, but it was a real different experience with the lighting for portraits. I think they are much nicer than the table to table shots don't you?

Eadwine was covering the wedding and took this image of me working. Thanks Ead. :) Where is my video documentary dude??


tubbykat said...

wow nice! did you have to use "big" lights for shots that wide?

speaking of portraits, i chance upon the work of this wedding photographer turned portrait photographer, Kelvin Lim, at a shop in peninsula. saw some dance portraits in the album but couldn't find them on his website

what do you think?

Heng said...

I used to photek umbrellas on either side.

Kelvin Lim is pretty good technically, but I do not like his aesthetic sense. Different viewpoints I guess.