Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quotes from Setting Sun

I have two favorite passages by Albert Camus, to the effect of:"Even if you could trace the course of the entire world with your finger, you wouldn't understan the world any better," and "The graceful green hill, that hand thrust toward my uneasy hear, have more to teach me about this world than anything else." I want to perceive the world from this vantage point, and I ask to do it with camera in hand. If, in the very midst of its most ordinary, mundane scens "love", say, or "fate" lies dormant under the surface, and if those noumena ar at some point connected to the world at large, then there is nothing left for me to do but continue releasing the shutter.
-Daido Moriayam

This world is the interval where something shifts from being to nothingness. Sometimes in that interval, beauty sparkles lie a solved riddle from a secret language.
-Hiroshi Sugimoto

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