Saturday, September 23, 2006

Working on a new blog format

I realise that my images are not being well represented on this blog format. I am experimenting with a new one. I am using Blogger beta instead of the original blogger because I finally get to use tags!! Wooo hooo.

Anyway, the postings there are just test. Please give me some feed back on the layout. When I am happy with the layout, I will migrate pondmusings to the new format.

The beta layout is at


kiampa said...

i think it would be a good idea to keep your text blog in some format or other - it will be a more personal side of you that people can relate to, and i'm sure there are many out there who are fans of your writing already.

Heng said...

Well, I guess that I can keep Pond Musings for musings and make Pond Images the main photoblog. I think makes sense. Pond musings is growing organically and is now not always geared at images. Then I will not also clog up the photoblog with huge side columns.

Anonymous said...

My monitor's resolution is 1152x864 yet i still cant see the images as a whole. I have to scroll. The images never seems complete for my eyes. As for the format, i dont see it as a problem, cos u can always add a link. My main concern is the viewer's "RIGHT" to really enjoy the photographs you have put in so much efforts!!!