Saturday, September 09, 2006

Trajectories in Space

I have just been going on my way, doing what I have to for work. At times the description of myself going through my mind is workman like. I console myself with the idea that I will break through. But it is nice to see my friends making strides.

Greg Burns completed the Korean Iron Man competition. He's is crazy but I keep thinking that this guy on crutches is not letting it stop him from living. He is now off to China and Tibet. He gives inspirational talks worldwide. I think he is competely qualified.

Shin is coming to work for me in December. She just won a Lucie Award for one of her nudes. Rock on Shin.

And Kheng Li, a local photographer has a great exhibition of black and whites of Istanbul on at Art Forum. Honestly, I did not use to be impressed by his work, but this time round, I sensed something deeper in his work. A real empathy to life resulting in an exprience that comes over to the viewer.


What is also intesting is that Kheng Li hand printed some smaller prints. These smaller prints were scanned and then printed really large on an Epson printer by Chris Yap. You can go and actually compare handprints with the Epson prints. Yes, the hand prints are better, but the Epson ones are not far behind.

Life is for the living. :)

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