Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lawn by Splinter Group and other arts


I went to watch a dance piece called 'Lawn' tonight. It is done by a group of Australian dancers named Splinter Group. They have all worked overseas and choreograhed a piece of physical theatre about lonliness and dreaming in a foreign country. I have seen physical theatre before but these guys were literally crawling over the walls and producing awe inspiring pieces of imagery. The type of stuff that really fires the imagination. To me the set was great. A large room with peeling wall paper and lots of rubbish along the top of the wall. With great lighting, an obviously fictional room, takes a life of its own.

There is a photographic point here, styling and attention to detail is an absolute must for an engaging image. Yes, digital textures are tacky. I want to have more elaborate sets and more organic textures to use in photoshop.

I must also add that I saw Singapore Dreaming on Thursday. One of the most poignant Singaporean films I have ever seen. The film itself is raw. But the depiction of the Singaporean aspirations and dreams hit close to home. I know why I am uneasy in my present state. It is because as a Singaporean, I find it imperative to suceed. To me that means that my photography business has to be a viable one. I don't need to become rich, but I want my business to be in the black.

If you are Singaporean, go see Singapore Dreaming. The main cast does a fantastic job. Yeo Yan Yan who acts as a pregnant mum who is completely reliable was good. She is also acting in the play Thunderstorm at the end of the month. The play is being staged by Theatre Practice. I think it is worth catching too.

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