Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reflections on Recent Digital Paper Offerings

Reflections on Recent Digital Paper Offerings

A damning assesement of today's photographic paper for fine art. Actually so much of it is true for photography in general. But we cannot go back... How do we go forward?


Anonymous said...

We go forward by listening to our heart and deciding the best option that rings true to the spirit. Photographic equipment will continue to evolve and quality will change and people will still be saying that the old is better, because they grew up with the old (which incidentally was the new of their time).

How many medium and large format photographers in the 1930s cursed the day the Leica was born? Or further back, how many 8x10 glass-plate-totting photographers must have written about the decline of quality when sheet film came about? It must have been a great day of lament for painters when the daguerreotype came into being.

The visual medium has evolution at the core, unfortunate but true. Change is inevitable. It will continue to evolve, some things will change and better, other things will be perceived as worse. If we take look at wide look at history, we can either say the old wine is better or try to see if new wine can fit our personal vision. If the new wine can’t, then we’d better stock up on the old wine like the chappies who bought tones of kodachrome when they stopped production.


Heng said...

Well said Wes. I lament what I sense I loose in the film format. But knowing that the times change, I am just seeing how I can take the current technology to the peak. I will still be trying out the fine art papers.