Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Blogs

Ok. For the time being I have decided to keep 2 blogs, Pond Musings for the musings and Pond Images for the images. I have moved Pond Musings to Blogger beta so that I can add labels to the entries. I will do that slowly.

Do let me know if you all prefer that I combine the blogs or if the 2 blog format is good. I know some of you don't like checking 2 of my blogs. I also know that there are people who only want to see my images and cannot bear my long wordy musings. :)

Can't please everyone.

Please note that I have included an RSS feed into the right column of this blog. It has the last 5 entries from Pond Imanges so that wehn you are reading Pond Musings, you can also check to see if there are new images on Pond Images. Quite cool no?


-Geoff said...

either way, it might also be worth reminding viewers/readers that they can always check back on the blogs with the rss feed. 2 blogs really isn't much effort to keep track of if the quality is good :)

Danny said...

i will just bookmark both then..:D