Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two months gone, one to go

I have spent just over 2 months in Chicago and have one more month to go.

As much as I am excited by all that I have learnt here, I feel an emptiness because my outlook in life has changed and I don't know anymore what images I want to produce.

When I first started photography, I was a romantic fool. I guess that is why I did well shooting weddings. I was also attracted to drama and passion, inspired I guess by what I saw on stage and film. Thus, a lot of my work was in black and white and lit dramatically. I am no longer a fool and no longer attracted to extremes of emotion. More and more I am drawn to finding a sanctuary within myself. I guess that I want to shoot portraits of people who are strong in their own spaces. Now, I have to find a visual language to express my new direction and find out how to do it consistently.

If you are wondering, I know well enough how to make a romantic or dramatic image still. In fact, I am more technically secure than I have ever been. Pay me enough money and I will do it. :) What I am saying is that I am in photography because an inner calling gets me out of bed each morning to shoot. In the past, it was shooting drama and romantic love. Now I am searching for a simpler, more peaceful image.

I don't know how I do it, but my next series is definitely called Sanctuary.


jcyrhs said...

Sanctuary... can't wait.

töes said...

Looking forward to a piece of your Sanctuary.