Saturday, April 08, 2006

Friday Night Off

Paul and Leasha went to visit Leasha's mum and I finally get a Friday night off. Jason took me out to see the town. First we went to his apartment where we met up with his friend Matt. Then we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. On the first Friday of the month, the open up the museum late, have a buffet service and even had a rock band blasting music away. Even though they was a cold win blowing, there was a huge crowd at the museum. I think because there was a Warhol exhibition on. I appreciate Warhol's art as a marketeer, but I have never been a real fan of his work. I have been a great believer in work and mastery. So even though Warhol's commentary on American life is striking, I still feel something lacking for me in his works.

We met another of Jason's friends at the MCA. She is a photographer and her name is Melissa Weimer. She gets her kicks by sneaking shots of people in the exhibition even though she is not allowed to. I decided to join in the fun. :) Melissa has a blog and web site. Its crazy how many good photographers there are in the world.

Jason was standing on one side talking on his phone and I was trying to take a picture of him with his hat. All of a sudden a girl turns up and goes 'Oh he's so cute. Can I take a picture too?' So here is Jason, girl magnet and a perfect stranger standing next to him.

Jennifer, the stricken girl, liked the first image and I managed to push it with this shot. I like it a lot. Just hope I am not getting predictable.

The sky scraper scene from the window of the museum. I seem to be doing a lot of these window portraits in Chicago.

We then went to what was supposed to be the Chicago disco, Le Passage. The music was rocking. I used to feel stupid dancing alone on the dance floor like a loser. But WTF, life is too short and the music was really good. So while Jason and his friend Matt was talking to some girls, I went and boogied on the floor. I did not manage to get a decent shot in that space, but there was really some nice Asian eye-candy there. There were some gorgeous blondes and brunettes there too but somehow I have never been that attracted to Caucasians.

I am working my ass off, but I am getting to know Chicago bit by bit. Sometimes with the help of Jason and Shin.

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