Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Halfway Through my internship

Week 7 and my pound of coffee from London is almost finished. :) Yeah, those people who know me know that I live and die by my coffee. I was so tired on Monday morning from my Sunday excursion, that I actually overslept. I have not done that in a long time. The pace has not let up yet. Paul actually has 3 shoots this week. We just finished one today, have an editorial shoot tomorrow and then another commercial shoot on Friday. We have another big shoot next week too. I still have not had a social meal with Paul and Leasha or my landlord. Still, I cannot complain, my time here in Chicago is fully utilized.

There are so many reasons that have made my trip to Chicago completely worth it. And each of them would have been worth a trip. Learning how Paul works, how he lights how he shoots, all fantastic stuff. The Epson Print academy was a real help. And Hubbard Street Dance reminding me of why I started anything in the arts at all. The music that I have been introduced to is just great. Will write more about music in another post.

I have already talked a bit about Paul's vision. One thing I do realize, is that for Paul to function at this high level, his team is very important. On a big commercial shoot, there are so many things to look after. For example, aside from the photography assistants, there is the productions side. Leasha is the producer and has to be in charge of looking after the clients, scheduling the shoots, ordering the food, and make sure things like model releases are signed. There is a stylist who looks after the clothes and props. For the last shoot, the stylist has 2 assistants. There is hair and make-up. And while all this is going on, the studio manager, Audra, is back at the studio doing work for the upcoming shoots.

I already have an assistant and office manager when I return. Hmm... Need a producer, stylist and digital assistant. Yes... and interns. :)

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