Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rajasthan Pictures up at Citilink

Jodphur Fort

Betty, Eadwine and Ron were kind enough to help me change my display of photographs at Citilink. I now have the first half of a two-part exhibition at Citilink mall. Here is the mounting exercise documented by Ron,

shutterbugISm: the art of seeing

The images can be previewed in my blog archives in the following links

December 2005
January 2006

I think that these were the best holiday photographs that I have taken in two years. The key is summed up in one word, Freedom. I am not a nasty person, nor am I anti-social. Still, I feel to shoot well, one needs space, in all the meanings of the word, to explore and interact honestly with one's suroundings and subjects. You cannot do this full or fears and worries and petty concerns. It sounds a bit naive, or selfish, but what can be more important than to simply be in the present completely? The past is a memory and the future is but a dream, we have only the present. It may be good or bad, but that is all we really have. Don't live with imagined shit.

Thanks to Betty, Eadwind and Ron. ;)


seventh stranger said...

hey, i like your work and advantures and would love to put u in my blog. i saw your pics at citylink. it looks better on print. bigger, bolder and better.


pfong said...

Hi Heng, do drop me a note if you need help putting up the next show. I wouldn't mind getting some hands on exp. on how its done.

Heng said...

Hi Seventh Stranger. Thanks for putting me on your blog. Maybe we can meet up in person when I get back. :)

Hi Paul. Help is always welcome. Would be nice to meet up face to face to.

Can you guys please drop me your emails at . I will contact you from there.

Anonymous said...


I saw your exhibition in Citilink a few days ago on my way to the Esplanade.

I really enjoyed the images, and how they project scenes of humanity, culture, civilization and life. The execution was excellent too.

I get excited seeing people doing what they love doing! Keep it up and Keep the love!


Heng said...

Thanks Dan. There will be a second set of the Rajasthan pics in July. Watch out for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heng!
Will do!

BTW, I really enjoy your Chicago blog entries. I think I'll hang around here more often...

Boy, I sure miss the United States.