Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aim High

I know that there are limitations to living in a small island but the world is growing smaller.

I have stopped actual day wedding photography, but if I was still doing it, these are the photographers who would be my benchmark,

Todd Johnson
Joe Buissink

On my own path, these are the photographers that inspire me,
Paul Elledge
Albert Watson
Keith Carter
Chris Rainer

It is not a competition for me. It is just simply that I aspire to create images that have the same impact and influence as the photographers who have influenced me.

It all sounds good that I am asking people to follow their dreams. I guess that I should be honest about the price to be paid too. I remember when I started classes at the London Contemporary Dance School, Duncan McFarland, a teacher there told the class that you have to be obsessed to be a dancer. It is such a difficult path. But it is true of any path of excellence, be it dance, photography, banking, writing, you name it. There is an obsession, an attention to detail and sacrifices to be made by you and your loved ones. To reach pinnacles, sometimes you leave loved ones, riches, comfort and safety at home.


Death Wool said...

read your little comment, and well, right smack on the week you are in London, I will be in Beijing. guess Singapore is where we truly all belong eh?

ead said...

my heros for wedding photography were/are (in no particular order heh)
joe buissink,
mike colon,
tan ngiap heng *since age was catching up, he decided to stop wedding actual days and do more exciting backbone breaking stuff like commercial photography*

Death Wool said...

think i might have received your package. I have something awaiting my collection at the office =)

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 photographers' works I really like as well.