Sunday, September 16, 2007

Naked Truth - An interview with Jock Sturgess

Jock Sturgess is an art photographer who has shot nudes of people of all ages. He usually works in naturalists camps where people are very comfortable being nude. However, some right-wing Christian group managed to convince the FBI to investigate him as a child-pornographer. He has not convicted, but the experience has changed his life. In this interview he talks about his work and the experience of being investigated.

I came across this article from Alex Soth's Blog.


Anonymous said...

it is a shame that people cannot trust each other these days, a crying shame. not everyone is a child molestor and it is not like wearing clothes would protect a kid from such things anyhow; let artist do their work and let people respectfuly enjoy these nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

i agree that their is nothing inherently wrong with the human body, nothing at all. having said that i will also say that some people are real bastards in their atitudes towards children. i mean anyone can tell that this particular girl was not forced to pose nude or anything like that but sometimes kids are forced and that is were the controversy comes in to a large degree. and yes it is a shame that people cannot just trust each other, a shame indeed; i get the reason why many people wish this stuff were not legal and i also totally understand why others think it should be. i personally enjoy such art but if i were aware of any children being forced i would report it.