Monday, September 24, 2007

Does anyone want to learn Digital workflow from me?

I rather talk about living as a photographer, but I have spent quite a bit of time learning about digital workflow. How should we shoot digitally, download files, rename, process stuff etc. I wonder whether anyone out there would be interested in like a one day seminar on digital workflow?


Wansheng said...

how? throw the DAM book at their face?:P heehee.

I'm sure it'll be worthwhile learning that. Especially when you tell them how much sorting they have to deal with after 2-3 years of shooting.

nanie said...

hi, I got your link from Ron's blog. I've heard so much about you and it would be great to learn about digital workflow from a pro. Could you let me know more about the session?

gilbert said...

Hi Heng! This is Gilbert from 9Frames! I would love to attend and share your digital workflow! Please let us knowm ore if you are intention to conduct a workshop!

sheSays said...

im interested!

Heng said...

Seems like I can get a small group together. Let me see what I can do.