Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dead and resurrected

The original hard drive in my Mac G5 died last night. The computer seemed to hang. When I rebooted the computer, I had no operating system. The Apple warranty was for a year and this computer is over two year old. But I had backed up the operating system onto a firewire external drive. So I went to Sim Lim and got a replacement drive for $89. Plonked the new drive into the G5, booted from the firewire external drive, and restored the system. The program I used for copying the system drive to the external and then back is called Super Duper. I think that there are free ways of doing this, but the Super Duper interface is simple.

I keep wanting to do this with the windows machines I have. But the main program that does this is Ghost and it does not seem to have a simple clone function. Then you cannot boot a windows machine from an external hard drive either. There are real reasons why the Mac is easier for users.

But for iphone users who have unlocked their phone, beware. With the next software update, you could have the ibrick.

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Anonymous said...

hi heng,

1. acherly, ghost is not a very happening program. acronis true image is way better.

2. also acherly, if your pc is 2 years old or less, it is possible to boot up via a USB hdd. it's system level, meaning it's on the bootup screen and independent of windows