Thursday, November 30, 2006

A tenacious cold

I thought that the worst of my cold was over last week, but it has lingered on for a while now. My cough does not keep me awake the whole night but does wake me up once in a while. I hear a lot of people have got this bug. I am impatient to get back to health as there is always so much to be done. Unfortunately, I am struggling through the days. Not completely out of it, but not completely in the pink of health. It is true, health is such an important thing in our lives. What use is fame or fortune if one is not healthy enough to enjoy it?

I want to do portraits of a couple of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. I know that I cannot do it with this bug I have as they may get it. Life is hard with a cold that I know that I will recover from. Having cancer is so much more serious. I hope my friend and my friend's wife recover from their cancers. I guess that we all have to be grateful for the miracle of waking up each day. And we have to live each day respectful of the miracle of life.

I wonder why sometimes, there is so much hate, anger and negativity in this world. There are enough things that truly give us physical pain, why do we create more pain with our prejudices and internal anger?

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pfong said...

Get well soon man. Dose up on the vitamins.