Saturday, November 25, 2006

Digital Future

It cannot be denied that the internet is changing our reality. It has a life of its own. For myself I do the following on the internet,

1. I have a website to promote my business
2. I have a couple of blogs for my writing and my latest photos
3. I share my photographs using Flickr
4. I listen to music and watch videos on You Tube
5. I have bought books and camera equipment over the internet
6. I have bought second hand goods off E-bay
7. I listen to Pandora, hoping to learn about new music
8. I use a Yahoo home page as a news aggregator
9. I read forums and surf other photographers web sites and blogs
10. I check up maps on the internet
11. And there are daily living faciliites that I access over the internet
12. It is so obvious that I almost forgot, I use email
13. I am on msn messenger

The internet is changing the way we read news, interact with people, get entertained, learn, work. And the old paradigms of power resting the hands of the few is changing. That is with the old television, radio, newspaper paradigm, what people read, saw and thought rested in the hands of a few editors and moghuls. Although with corporate power, much power still rests with the global corporattions, the informed netizen has a lot more personal choice. The consumer can decide whether or not to listen to the marketing spiel. Companies have to be more transparent as news travels almost instantaneously through the internet. The downside is that lies and scams travel just as fast.

The internet is here to stay, but the information out there is overwhelming. The netizen has to have a critical mind. New was of viewing media means the death of the older media, at least in the way it used to be. So new ways of viewing and charging has to evolve. The internet bubble burst, and there will be other scandals in the future. But there is digital gold to mined by those who can tame the new digital frontier.

Is it a matter of time before the internet becomes concious??

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