Monday, November 13, 2006

Miscellaneous Inspiration

The Internet is a wonderful resource. And having a group of photographic friend's who keep recommending sites is kinda of nice.

Anyway, from Eadwine, I learnt of this really nice commercial photographer, Michael Muller.

And from John Teoh, I was recommend a Magnum photographer, Constantine Manos, poetic take on American Color. Being a commercial photographer, it is not often nowadays that a street photographer catches my eye. However, Manos work has a sense of mystery and tension that is beguiling.


GKP said...

the manos stuff rocks...very similar to alex webb's in style. thanks for sharing the links!

GKP said...

actually what's even more amazing for me is that he took a lot of these pics as he was approaching 60, and well beyond that as well. what a dude.