Thursday, November 02, 2006

No more Blood

I was surprised by the response to the first 2 installments of Blood of a Thousand. I thought of continuing the series but raising the bar to something more serious. But to take Blood of a Thousand to the next level, would mean a heavy investment literally. The props and staging would be much more complicated and costly. As I was putting together my portfolio, I realised that Blood of a Thousand would not figure in it. I have decided to stop the series because I cannot afford to spend heavy money on a series that will not result in portfolio shots or an exhibition. I mean honestly, I am not a shock horror kind of guy. Nudes and textures, that is much more me. So I know where my personal work is going next. Sorry to dissapoint, but there are a lot of frighteningly good jap movie makers doing choko bloodo. :)

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