Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Inside Singapore Dance Theatre

I found my love of dance at the age of twenty when I went to London to study engineering. At the age of thirty I spent a year at London Contemporary Dance School dreaming of being a full-time dancer. But I knew that it was too late for me.

From this love of dance I started taking photographs of dancers. And it was my photographs of dancers that started my career in photography. Although I have taken publicity and archival photographs for Singapore Dance Theatre, I have never had the opportunity to shoot the company in rehearsal. Dance is the most unforgiving performing art. The dancers
train daily, not only going through physically gruelling regimes, but also digging inside to find the soul of their art.

My photographs, stripped of the magic and glamour of the staged performance, hopefully conveys the spirit of the professional dancer. Dancers who daily choose to challenge time and gravity to create beauty with their own bodies.

The exhibition of Inside Singapore Dance Theatre will be on at Citylink Mall from 10 November to the end of December.

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