Saturday, July 29, 2006

Singapore Textures - The Holga Series III

The response to the Holga series so far has been either very positive or silence. I think this it good. It means that the work is challenging normal modes of thinking. And regardless of whether the viewer finds the work pleasing or not, it makes one take a longer look at the work. I hope that in that act of evaluating the images and making up one's own mind whether to embrace or reject the work, there is a deeper interaction than if one were to simply consume the expected beautiful images that are raining down upon our consciousness.

I am in a delicate balancing act between career, art, health, spiritual path and family. I have to thank my father for confirming the fact that life is full of challenges and is part of the human condition. I do not subscribe to a religion, but I know that this path is a spiritual one. Each act of photography can be a meditation on life. Although, I find that it is easier to meditate on personal projects than it is doing a commercial shoot.

Whether it makes sense or not, I make images in spite of myself and the challenges that I face. Each image is an act of living, and in living, I am.


Francis K said...

I think it will look good if you have wide, MS and close up in one picture. This holga can tell very good visual story.

Heng said...

Thanks Francis, it makes a lot of sense. I will bear that as I continue to shoot.

pfong said...

The concept of this series is brilliant Heng.

Wen Wei said...

Awesome pictures! I like the one of of the old shophouses a lot.