Thursday, July 27, 2006

Singapore Textures - The Holga Series I

Waterloo Street

Waterloo Street

Koon Seng Road

Bussorah Street

I know that the future of my photographic career is linked to mastering digital imaging. But when I saw Shin trying out her Holga camera in Chicago, an idea struck me for shooting my series of Singapore textures. I came back to Singapore, loaded up film into my Holga and shot the photographs. Thanks Shin for the inspiration.


pfong said...

The blue toned Waterloo street shot is a killer. Your coming to my neighbourhood and shooting something like that is a kick in the pants of inspiration for me.

Heng said...

Thanks. I think it is important we all keep inspiring one another. Challenging each other to go beyond what we thought was possible.

jcyrhs said...

i'm actually tempted to get one holga for myself now. It's really a different look at the scenes in Singapore. Great series!

The first one is my fav.