Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scott Robert Photography- California Wedding Photographer

Scott Robert Photography- California Wedding Photographer

I know that the Singaporean wedding photographers that I hang out with are better than this guy. Consider this, he is charging US$5000 in 2006. In 2007 his prices are increasing to US$10,000.

Why are people in Singapore unwilling to respect good photography? And the amount of work in a well taken and well printed photographs is enormous. It is not just a click of a shutter. Especially in this digital age. The photographer has a lot more options, but also a lot more work, effort and inspiration to make use of his options.

Simply put, if you want to pay peanuts, you will only be breeding monkeys.


Photographer said...

Too true Blue! But it's true of all Arts practically everywhere.

In fact it's probably true of everyone that works at their job.


ShutterBug said...

I'm shooting myself in the foot... :p

Anonymous said...

hi heng,

point to note about the charges. looking at the tax in the US, the gov will take 40percent of his pay. leaving US$6000. photo materials and service in the US are generally more expensive than Spore we minus approx US$1.5k. and if you take in living standards in US cities. US$4.5k approx equals S$4.5k. I think that there are some photographers in Singapore charging that amount + tax for wedding day photography, no? a few, not a lot.

the general rate for the new breed of wedding photographers are going for S$3k to S$4k with albums and all the ra-ra stuff.


ead said...

hmmmmmm *evil thoughts*

Anonymous said...

hi heng,

got some more thoughts. photography in Singapore is unique, in the sense we have a pre-wedding shoot and a wedding day shoot. it wasn't like that in the 50's or earlier, shots were done on the wedding day only, sometimes the bridal party would go to a studio on the wedding day to get a fez formal shots done.

the US and most of other parts of the world do not practise pre-wedding photography, hence budget considerations will different. if i am not wrong, couples will do posed and 'creative' shots straight after the wedding ceremony. group shots are also part of the package.

these i think are some of the factors why couples can project a bigger budget for their wedding day photography.


Heng said...

Hi Wes,

I take your points. I still think that a photographer should take home about $3-4k for a job considering the time they take before, during and after a shoot. Now in Singapore, the shoot of $3-4k includes the album. The album is not as good and it means that the photographer does not get to take home very much. Remember that there is a limited number of shoots a photogrpaher can do a week.

Yes, we have a bridal and then an actual day shoot in Singapore. The photographer should be paid for the time it takes to do the shoot and prepare the different albums for the clients. I have told clients with limited budgets to skip the bridal album and just pay for a good actual day photographer before.

Anonymous said...

hi heng,

just to be objective, my points were meant to counter the original statement that sporean couples are paying peanuts for wedding day photography. actually, they are paying about 20 percent below the US rate, the difference is not too big and definitely not peanuts i feel.

and like what kuang says in his article on his blog, it is highly likely the rates will rise in the next 5 years if the economy continues to grow. i share his sentiments. already there are some photogs charging above 4k no?

also, if we take in the density of photographers (both freelancers and pro) in the US and Spore, you can bet that Spore has a higher number of photogs / population. this will also drive the price down due to supply and demand. this unfortunately is an economic factor that holds true for sporean wedding photography also.

btw, some food for thought... if we take in the cost for bridal and wedding day photography, singaporean couples actually paying more money than the US counterparts. likely in the region of S$8k to S$9k (again factoring in living costs between the US and Spore)