Friday, December 14, 2007

Sony World Photography Awards : Cannes 2008

Sony World Photography Awards : Cannes 2008

Most prestigious photography competitions have an entry fee. Submitting a few images can lead to a hefty entry fee. This looks like a pretty good competition and the entry is free.

So if you fancy yourself a world class photographer, why not submit a few images. The Sony World Photography Awards can't be that bad.


Andrew said...

What's their defination of a "Professional Photographer", as their rules did indicate, not being one, will be disqualified.

For those in photography business, yes it's clear, what about those in grey areas? Eg. photography services, freelance who maybe shoot odd jobs, or weddings?

Sorry, not to bog u with chim question, but nobody else to ask. haha

Heng said...

I don't have the answer either. Why don't you drop them an e-mail. I am sure every competition will probably have different definitions.

Andrew said...

alrighty thanks!