Monday, December 24, 2007

Quote from Susan Sontag

I have been reading an article in Aperture called 'We are all photographers now!' by Fred Ritchin.

In the article Ritchin quotes from Susan Sontag's book Regarding the Pain of Others.

"Photography is the only major art in which professional training and years of experience do not confer an insuperable advantage over the untrained and inexperienced - this for many reasons, among them the large role that chance (or luck) plays in the taking of pictures, and the bias toward the spontaneous, the rough, the imperfect."

I guess this is one of the reasons why photography is so undervalued. Most people will probably think that anyone can take a photograph, and in some respect, they are right.


Jeff L. said...

indeed. then again visions cannot be taught. either one has it or dun.

Heng said...

Visions cannot be taught. But if enough amateurs take enough shots, they will get lucky on some and those can compete with the best. At least in stock photography and photojournalism.

However, fashion and advertising photography, where an entire team is needed, that is a whole different ball game.