Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quote from Robert Doisneau

You have to let the person who will look at the picture - provided that he isn't an ass - always walk along that visual path for himself. We must always remember that a picture is also made up of the person who looks at it. This is very, very important. Maybe this is the reason behind those photos that haunt me and haunt many people as well. It is about that walk that one takes with the picture when experiencing it. I think that this is what counts. One must let the viewer extricate himself for the journey. You offer the seed and then the viewer grows it inside himself. For a long time that I thought that I had to give the entire story to my audience. I was wrong.

Rober Doisneau

I begin to understand the power of images that can prompt a journey of wonder for the audience. I still like beautiful images like fashion images. But most fashion images are complete. It is like that we all should be eating well balanced meals with subtle flavours, but we all like to eat candy.

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