Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Le Petite Portrait

I know people who are interested in getting a simple portrait by me but do not want a full portrait session. Some people even want passport photos done by me!

Anyway, in January, for the people who want a petite portrait session, who are interested to see how I work in the studio or even those who are looking for a passport photo by me, here is the promo for you. :)

One hour with me, ten shots to take back, one photo touched up with one print, one hundred Singapore dollars.

The following conditions apply!
1) This promotion entitles every individual to a SINGLE 1-hour indoor portrait session.
2) The Client will receive 10 images of their choice, of which, 1 image will be chosen for minor digital re-touching and an 8" x 12" print.
3) Photo-shoot bookings should be done at least a week in advance, scheduled between 10am to 6pm on weekdays only.
4) The Client will receive digital files of images for personal use only and shall not sell or authorize any reproduction other than for personal usage. Terms and charges for commercial usage shall be negotiated separately with The Pond.
5) Confirmation of booking is based on a signed quotation raised by The Pond and payment is to be made upon completion of the photographic service.
6) No voucher may be combined with this promotion.
7) The Pond reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions without any prior notification to the user.

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ead said...

where do i sign up?