Tuesday, May 06, 2008

European Sketch Book

2902 Gallery
Old School
11 Mount Sophia
Block B, #B2-09
6th – 18th May 2008
Opening Hours: Tue -Saturday: 11am – 8pm, Sunday: 1pm-6pm, Sun - By appointment only
For General Enquiries: Email: info@2902gallery.com or call 6339 8655

If a painter sketches with a pencil, then a photographer captures the moment by selecting a portion out of the whole scene and created a new dialogue of its own. Be it wandering through the streets of Europe or setting up within a studio, Tan Ngiap Heng has demonstrated the relationship between the creator and the subjects are both intrinsic &dialectic.

Presenting 2 bodies of works, Pulse is a body of personal snap shots taken in various parts of Europe, and absorbing the culture and street scenes where great European photographers like Bresson and Doisneau used to roam. On the other hand, Tuscan Portraits reveals a distinct voice of the creator and yet preserves the essence of each person.


After Dance Me Through The Dark in February, I was not expecting to have another exhibition for at least two years. But I was invited by Gwen of 2902 Gallery to put up an exhibition of my European photographs for a Kraft corporate event. 2902 graciously allowed me to put up the images for couple of weeks. Some of you may have seen some of the European scenes in the section entitled 'Pulse' in Citylink Mall, but the section of Tuscan Portraits are from my last trip to Tuscany. And if you are interested in the direction of my work, I think that the Tuscan Portraits is a good indication.

There has been no run up time to build up publicity for this exhibition. Please help spread the word. Thanks.

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