Friday, May 23, 2008

The Pond Team - A parting shot

I have been very fortunate to have been working with some really great people this year, and it is good because there was a lot of demanding work. But all good things come to an end. Good people will find their own path. Thank you for helping me get into two annuals and two overseas exhibitions this year. And there have also been two local exhibitions this year. Its been jam packed.

On the far left holding the color chart is the intern from Nayang Technological University, Darren Tan. He is studying film but wants to be a photographer. Thank goodness he came on board because I am working on creating video sequences for a dance show in September for choreographer Kuik Swee Boon. I learned as much from him as he did from me I think.

Holding the focus card is Anvin Hoo. My digital assistant for a year and a half. A product photographer in his own right, this guy really shifted a hell of a lot of pixels for me while he was here. Although he got to meet and shoot some really attractive dancers, he was disappointed that I never ever got any interns that looked like Fiona Xie or Jade Seah. Unfortunately for the photography scene he is leaving it and moving to interior design. We just don't earn a lot of money in photography. And if he wants a girl like Fiona or Jade, he needs a job that has a lot more cred. It was his last day today. Good luck Anvin, with getting the glamorous girl. I'm sure earning the money won't be as difficult, muahahaha.

Then there is me in the middle with my arty farty lomo LCA.

On my right, holding the foundation and brush, is my Studio Manager Shin Lim. We both interned in Chicago for Paul Elledge and we both worked our asses off. When she said she felt like coming back east, I offered her a job. I knew that she has already experienced a high pressured, top level studio. She is a great portrait photographer in her own right. She is creating a stunning series of hair portraits on my studio floor. If you think you have a great head of hair, you should volunteer to be shot by her. I think she is going to be big in the future. Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for me, her boyfriend proposed to her. She is engaged and moves back to Chicago in October. I'm going to miss her helpful eye during shoots, but I think she will have a lot more opportunities in the states than she will here.

On the far right, holding the model release, is my office manager, Abby Chua. This wonderful woman, is the only left brained person in the office. But don't let that fool you. She is also a musician and composer. She keeps the office in order and fortunately, she is staying for the foreseeable future. I'm going to have to work hard to keep her for as long as I can.

I do have an intern in the second half of the year to replace Darren. She is a photography student from Nayang Technological University. But I am looking for a new studio manager. I'm looking for someone who is passionate about images and can work independently. There is no glamour factor in my studio. You have to love photography.

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