Sunday, February 03, 2008

Le Petit Portraits part cinq

Portraits of Carmen Chan

Portraits of Eadwine Lay

Portraits of Juliet Pang

I have had so much fun this month with Le Petit Portrait. I think the best part is that at $100 a pop people were willing to come in and just have fun with me. Did I not say this already?

Anyway, I have decided to create a one hour portrait package that is exactly half of my usual family/portfolio package. For portraits I usually start at $500 for a two hours session. I am going to start at $250 for a one hour session. I hope that this will not be too steep for people to come and just have fun with me. I think I got some really nice portfolio shots from these sessions.

Thank you to all the people who took up the promotional package. :)


silver_crv said...

hi bro
nice photos!!
is that Juliet Pang...the singer?

Heng said...

Yup Juliet Pang the singer. :)


tubbykat said...

hi heng, alamak! i was waiting for Abby to email me a time slot for the Le Petit Portraits. looks like i have missed the promotion. do keep me informed on the family portraits promo, hopefully it's before June as i will be due then. hoping to take some shots with my son and hubby before i pop. thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Somehow the second of Juliet Pang's photo drew a strong emotional response out of me when I just first saw it on the PPAS interview linked from another of your blog entry.