Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dance Me Through The Dark Opening

I am so very happy with the way my exhibition turned out. And the evening was a real celebration. Thanks to all the people who came and the others who sent their well wishes.

Chihiro, Na Ri and Hai Ying visiting the show.

Juliet Pang singing a fantastic jazz set for me.

I need to go sleep now. More in days to come.


sunkissedsue said...

Popped by the exhibition yesterday, loved it! Amazing work, very beautiful and very inspirational. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm excited to go to the exhibiton... hubby agreed to do it tomorrow night. i believe i won't be disappointed. cheers!


Jacqueline said...

Hey, checked out your exhibition yesterday and I thought it was pretty awesome. I've written an entry about it in my blog and hopefully my friends will check it out too.