Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tekkonkinkreet - Official Site

Tekkonkinkreet - Official Site

I watched the animation Tekkonkinkreet today. I was blown away by the visual lushness of the show. The story line was not that fantastic, but there was so much character and human values in it. I just love this type of work where there are rich textures and existential explorations. Why or why are most of the things in Singapore so two dimensional and superficial? Thank goodness there are people like Royston Tan making head way. We need more imagination here. We need more people not to be held back by their fear of failure or fear of not making money. Money is not every thing. And we need the red tape to lighten up so that we can be more creative. Aaarrrrggggghhhhh........


cine said...

Sorry but I think Royston has money to begin with ... Film making and especially Animation requires money. Most artists are usually poor. It's the producers or investors who need guts, and the ability to leave the art to the artists.

The organisers for Animation Nation take funding from the MDA, and with that comes strings most people don't realise.

I would say enjoy it while it (the festival) last because people with passion (organisers) constantly face pressures to compromise on the programme.

We need animators who go into their field because of passion and not because they had to make a choice in school. We need people with the money to give these animators freedom of expression and support their productions.

The current state of affairs in Singapore is that students sometimes choose subjects like digital media or animation with all the wrong reasons. If they see it as a job, they will fit in nicely to animation industry which I sometimes see as sweatshops. But if they see it as more than a job, they will struggle to find projects to sustain their passion.

Heng said...

Well, I just feel that the people that hold the money in Singapore have no balls. And they particularly have no balls to develop local talent as it is a long term process.